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What we know about the Nabarima, the leaking tanker loaded with one million oil barrels

Workers and the executive director of the United Federation of Oil Workers of Venezuela, Eudis Girot, have been denouncing the ecological damage that the sinking of the floating storage facility in the Gulf of Paria would cause, and the damaging already caused by the leaks.


By Yesenia Garcia.

The tanker Nabarima, located 22 kilometers from platform 4F of Güiria, municipality Valdez, state of Sucre, is a property of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and generated international alarm after the executive director of the United Federation of Oil Workers of Venezuela (Ftupv in Spanish), Eudis Girot, warned about the possible sinking of the tanker, which threatened to cause an ecological disaster in the Gulf of Paria.

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Girot informed El Pitazo last Saturday, on September 5, that the ship got repaired in four days due to these complaints and that it is no longer in imminent danger of sinking. Also, he assured that sectors of the government of Nicolas Maduro had planned the sinking of the tanker, for reasons unknown. Here, we give you some keys about what has been publishing about the tanker Nabarima.

1.- On August 17, El Pitazo published a video in which oil workers warned about the poor conditions of the oil platform.

2.- The oil platform has 1,101,850 barrels, almost five days of current oil production.

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3.- Nabarima was supported by nine mooring anchors, and the engine room was laboring under three meters of water. The pumps were not working, and workers had to bail the tanker by hand.

4.- The tanker had almost seven meters of axis inclination concerning its normal position.

5 .- The damaged pump was the biggest problem.

6.- On September first, Eudis Girot, union leader of oil workers, denounced that the conditions of the only three workers on board (the Nabarima requires a crew of 12) were sub-human. They had no life jackets, fire-extinguishers were out of date, the bathrooms had collapsed, they had little food and got infested by rats.

7.- On September 2, a supervision trip ordered from Miraflores, and at 8:45 am, the manager of the Commerce and Supply department in PDVSA, Manuel Parra, arrived in a helicopter to evaluate the situation.

8.- Next day, after the repairs made by PDVSA, it was announced that the tanker was no longer at risk of sinking.

9.- On September 4, Girot affirmed on his social networks that “sectors of the Maduro government planned the sinking of the tanker Nabarima.”

10.- On September 5, union leader Girot reported that 30 workers are now on board the Nabarima. That same day, Girot clarified a war had broken out between the powerful mafias inside PDVSA over the control of Nabarima, which is laden with a cargo worth millions of dollars.

Corruption has become a problem in the national oil company: every President since 2013 is either a fugitive, in jail, or has died in custody. Besides, dozens of employees have been arrested in the US, Spain, and Venezuela on a variety of corruption charges.

13.- Eudis Girot asked the Public Ministry (MP) to investigate Carmelo Milano, Douglas Sosa, Pedro Figuera, Juan Santana, and competing union man, that he termed as the protector of the Mafios Will Rangel, for allegedly being involved in the Nabarima case.

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