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Three dead from Coronavirus in Venezuela

Maduro's Minister of Communications Jorge Rodriguez said the victim was a 60-year-old taxi driver, who sought help at a very late stage. He also reported ten new cases have been registered. The new figure is 129 cases.


The Maduro’s minister of communications, Jorge Rodríguez, reported this Sunday, March 29th, the third victim in Venezuela due to the Coronavirus.

In the early morning of Sunday, a 60-year-old man, a taxi driver from Caracas, died from the COVID 19 diseases. The man had first virus symptoms on February 29th, a week earlier before the “patient zero” arrived in Venezuela from Spain (March 5th) according to the regime.

Rodriguez also said that in the last 24 hours, 10 new cases of coronavirus registered in Venezuela: two are in Aragua, two in Caracas, two in Miranda, two in Barinas and one in Zulia.

Even though he had been suffering from Wuhan-like symptoms since the 29th of February, the man kept on working as a taxi driver, said Rodriguez, who also explained that the third victim was a known smoker, and particularly vulnerable to the COVID 19.

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“When he presented a serious condition yesterday, he went to one of the sentinel hospitals, was admitted and tested, arrived in very bad condition, and unfortunately had bilateral pneumonia and multi-organ failure and died,” Rodriguez said on a national broadcast.

Figures in Venezuela
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The Maduro regime announced the first two positive cases on March 13th, and the first measures announced on March 12th, when the presence of the pandemic in Venezuela was still unknown.

Then, the regime closed Venezuelan airspace to flights coming from Europe and Colombia, and the cancellation of massive events and the shutdown of public spaces (cinemas, museums, and others).

Of the 129 positive cases registered in the country, six of those are in a critical situation in Intensive Care Units; three patients are in moderate acute respiratory failure, 45 in mild acute respiratory failure and 30 patients remain without symptoms, Rodriguez added.

Fast tests

“Today we are doing more than 3,000 fast tests to all the people who present symptoms, to all the residents of Los Roques (a chain of islands), and also to all the people who enter through the Colombian border,” said Rodriguez.

He insisted that the contagion curve is still low, and urged the population to continue with the quarantine that is in effect throughout the country. “Unfortunately, we have three deaths, a death rate that is much lower than what we see in the world,” he said.

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