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Friday, 25 June, 2021

Maduro’s lawmakers fired more than 650 workers of the National Assembly

More than 650 workers of the National Assembly have been fired so far. The lawmaker Luis Parra, tied to money launderer Alex Saab, appointed the man doing all the sacking.


By Carlos Camacho.

The Nicolas Maduro-controlled National Assembly has fired more than 650 workers hired during the Juan Guaido administration.

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The dismissals are being carried out by Jose Gregorio Roa, appointed by Luis Parra, a former opposition lawmaker. Parra is the same deputy who toured Europe trying to get sanctions lifted against Alex Saab, the Colombian businessman jailed in Cabo Verde accused of being the top money laundering of Maduro and his relatives. Luis Parra also has been sanctioned by the US for “undermining democracy.”

The General Directorate of Human Development appointed by Parra gave the order to remove the assistants, according to a memo Circular No. 03-2021. El Pitazo obtained a copy of it.

The pro-Maduro assembly ordered the dismissal of all parliamentary and legislative assistants from the period 2016-2021. The information gets stated in the memo issued on Monday, January 11.

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Workers, including Guaido’s top advisors, was told to come in person to tender their resignations. In the past, Maduro has used similar ruses to arrest opposition members. Venezuela has more than 300 political prisoners, and Maduro is being investigated since January 2018 by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

The authority of Roa gets not recognized by Juan Guaido. The legitimate Assembly human-development boss, however, is a man called Jose Gregorio Ron.

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