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Japan reaffirms support for Guaido, criticizes acts against democracy

Japan’s Foreign Minister recognized Guaido as the reelected President of the National Assembly in Venezuela as well as the interim President of Venezuela.


Tokio.- The Japanese government on Tuesday reiterated recognition of Juan Guaido as interim President of Venezuela and expressed concern regarding acts against democracy that have taken place in the country.

In a communiqué published Tuesday, the Japanese foreign ministry recognized Guaido as the reelected President of the National Assembly of Venezuela as well as the interim ruler of the country, in line with the support expressed by Tokio towards the opposition leader almost a year ago.

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The Japanese government also expressed its “concern regarding acts that go against democracy, such as obstruction of access to the Assembly for the President of said organ and other delegates.”

Tokio also signaled “the progressive deterioration of the political, economic, and social situation” in Venezuela, as well as the “humanitarian crisis” unleashed by the exodus of Venezuelans out of their home country and stressed its continued support for the Venezuelan people.

Original source: EFE.

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