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Lawmaker Jose Brito, “the National Assembly will have a new president”


Deputy from Venezuela National Assembly (AN in Spanish) José Brito, antique member of Primero Justicia party declared this Sunday, January 5th, “the National Assembly will have a new president” and he proposes a new directive with the parliamentarians Luis Parra, Franklin Duarte, José Noriega y Negal Morales.

The last December, José Brito was accused by deputy Luis Stefannelli of being part of a plan by Nicolas Maduro to buy opposition deputies in order not to vote for Guaido in his re-election as AN president. The plan was called “Alacran Operation”.

In national transmission on TV, Brito said they removed the support to Juan Guaido, the current president of parliament. The fraction Independents for Renovation and The Change support this announcement. The opposition deputy spoke before enter to the Parliament Palace, but don’t reveal which deputies signed the document.

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Brito detailed that they will propose as the new president of National Assembly to Luis Parra, Franklin Duarte y Jose Noriega as vice-presidents and Negal Morales as secretary. The alliance announced by Brito explained that Accion Democratica, Voluntad Popular, and Primero Justicia have a dissent that they would express in the session.

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