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Friday, 25 June, 2021

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Fuel service is suspending in Zulia border state

Military authorities and the Zulia Governor's Office said March 15th, that gasoline would only is to vehicles using to guarantee basic services...

Four prisoners have died of tuberculosis in Cabimas jail

Jorge Luis Montilla Mendez, 47 years old, died this March of tuberculosis at the Preventive Arrests and Detentions Center on the...
Maria Moñitos

Maduro regime intervenes grade school after anti governor protest

By Nataly Angulo The Zulia state school district is intervening in and investigating the Maria Moñitos grade school in...

“Promenade of Youth” now just a garbage dump in Villa del Rosario

By Johandry Montiel. Dark, dirty and dangerous. That is now the sorry state of “The Promenade of Youth”, a...
Zulia Killings

Cops are involved in 657 killings in Zulia during 2019: NGO

657 violent deaths were attributed to law enforcement agents during 2019 in oil-rich Zulia state, local NGO Human Rights Commission in Zulia...
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