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Etiqueta: Violence

Venezuela: 103 women murdered in the last four months

By Glorimar Fernandez.Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho. From June to November of this year, 103 women got murdered in...

The elders are victims of the violence in Venezuela

By Glorimar Fernandez. Studies show that older Venezuelans have become targets of crime, left vulnerable by family members who...

Bolivar is the second most violent state in Venezuela

Bolivar is the second most violent state in Venezuela while Sucre is now the sixth most violent state in Venezuela, OVV says.

192 prisoners died in Venezuela under police custody during 2019

192 prisoners lost their lives for various causes in Venezuela’s makeshift prisons according to the local NGO Una Ventana a la Libertad...

Venezuela is the most murderous country in Latin America: Insight Crime

According to InSight Crime, unrest gripped much of Latin American and the Caribbean throughout 2019. In its annual...
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