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Clandestine roads

Drug trafficking build clandestine roads in Zulian farms

In Zulia, a state located in northwestern Venezuela, farmers and agriculture producers, owners of farms for several generations, musted give away...
Zulia Killings

Cops are involved in 657 killings in Zulia during 2019: NGO

657 violent deaths were attributed to law enforcement agents during 2019 in oil-rich Zulia state, local NGO Human Rights Commission in Zulia...
Ismael Leon

Lawmaker Leon remanded to house arrest but no charges filed

Ismael Leon is still under arrest, his parliamentary immunity violated for charges unknown, but at least he will serve his time in...

Eleven killed in sugarcane field fire in Aragua, Venezuela

By Carlos Camacho. A sugarcane field fire in the Ranchos de Aragua section has killed eleven individuals, mostly minors,...
Delta Amacuro

Number of Warao families moving from Venezuela increases

By Melquiades Avila. The number of native Warao family groups leaving Venezuela towards Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, and Guyana...
Vente Venezuela

Local opposition leader arrested in anti-Maduro audio file scandal

By Marinelid Marcano. Domingo Brito, a local leader for opposition party Vente Venezuela in the Guanipa municipality, south of...
Juan Guaido

A year of Guaido, an interim presidency between light and shadows

By Lewins Granado. "Before God Almighty and Venezuela, I swear to assume the power of the National Executive...

Addy Valero, the lawmaker that couldn’t be bought

Addy Coromoto Valero, a female opposition lawmaker, has died from cancer early Wednesday morning after the Nicolas Maduro regime harassed her...

Maduro regime broke into the office and stole humanitarian aid from an NGO

Reps from local NGO Organizacion Rescate Venezuela said that Maduro regime law enforcement broke into their Caracas office Wednesday, stealing medicine, clothes...

Venezuela’s mythical stone rolling back after twenty-two years in a German tour

https://youtu.be/zI1q3rPACZI The mythical Kueka, a jasper stone several tons heavy, is being returned to Venezuela by Germany...
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