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Samuel sells his draws on Twitter to help his mom to buy food

By Liz Gascon in Lara. About 50 crayons – worn down to almost a nub half - live inside...

Luis Parra, the Congressman helped by chavism even on social media

Although Congressman Luis Parra insists that he opposes Nicolás Maduro’s government, his behavior in the past few months, which includes his activity...
Maduro Twitter

Maduro regime pushed Twitter hashtag against U.S. sanctions

Courtesy of Atlantic Council/ DFRLab. Nicolás Maduro and his Vice President Delcy Rodríguez promoted the hashtag #LasSancionesSonUnCrimen (“Sanctions...

Twitter suspends accounts tied to Nicolas Maduro regime

Social network Twitter suspended more than 20 accounts connected to the Nicolas Maduro regime, including accounts for all four branches of the...
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