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Etiqueta: Spain

Spanish embassy workers request additional protection after Maduro threats

By Samuel Morales Escuela. Spanish officials, represented by the Independent Trade Union Center of Officials (Csif in Spanish), the...

Exclusive: Lopez traveled from Venezuela to Bogota and Barranquilla before reaching Madrid

The most famous Venezuelan political prisoner, Leopoldo López, left the residence of the Spanish Ambassador in Venezuela at some point Friday, leaving...

“Undress and crouch,” the outrageous odyssey to boarding a humanitarian flight in Venezuela

By María Fernanda Rodríguez. María is living in Spain for two years. She left Venezuela for postgraduate, without the...

All 376 Venezuelan migrants returning to Spain sent to quarantine shelters

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=wf5-PXZJxo0&feature=emb_logo A total of 376 migrants returning from Spain, the entire flight, were sent to shelters in...
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