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Journalistic alliance reveals that PDVSA sail in a sea of irregularities

PDVSA sail in a sea of irregularities is a series of four reportages, infographics, videos, and podcasts made by the Alianza Rebelde...

Former PDVSA officials and contractors purchased luxury properties in the US for $60 million

Eleven Venezuelans with links to the Chavismo political movement of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro spent more than $60 million on properties...
Clandestine roads

Drug trafficking build clandestine roads in Zulian farms

In Zulia, a state located in northwestern Venezuela, farmers and agriculture producers, owners of farms for several generations, musted give away...
Santiago Moron

Nicolasito’s favorite friend: Santiago Moron

If it wasn't for a woman who dared to take a picture, the friendship between Nicolas Maduro Guerra and the constructor Santiago...
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