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Etiqueta: Prisoners

Detainees at Falcon provisional jails begin a hunger strike

By Irene Revilla. Detainees in at Preventive Detention Centers in three cities from Falcon state began a hunger...

Minister of Prison Services clears the prison where 47 inmates killed

By Bianile Rivas. The minister of Prison Services in Venezuela, Iris Varela, gave conditional release to 179 prisoners in...

47 inmates died in an alleged confrontation in a Venezuelan prison

Reporting by Mariangel Moro and Bianile Rivas. At least 47 inmates were killed inside the Guanare prison, in...

The Maduro regime releases 122 prisoners to prevent COVID-19

The Minister of Prison Services, Iris Varela, authorized the release of 122 prisoners held in the Rodeo II and Rodeo III...

Prisoners stage a protest for Coronavirus contagion risk

Venezuelan prisoners threaten the Nicolas Maduro regime with peaceful protest if the regime doesn’t improve conditions in jails given the Coronavirus outbreak....
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