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Trinidad & Tobago judge orders Venezuelan migrant children back

A Trinidad and Tobago judge ordered early Monday morning that the Caribbean nation military escorts the group of 19 deported Venezuelan migrants...

All 376 Venezuelan migrants returning to Spain sent to quarantine shelters

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=wf5-PXZJxo0&feature=emb_logo A total of 376 migrants returning from Spain, the entire flight, were sent to shelters in...

Venezuelans in Peru cry out in despair, asking for inclusion in health programs

Venezuelan migrants, refugees, and stranded travelers in Peru sent a letter they labeled "a cry of desperation" to President Martin Vizcarra given...

Returning Venezuelan migrants ask to be confined in their homes

By Lisbeth Barboza Ruiz. Confined to the Jose David Ugarte municipal stadium in Coro, Falcon state, a group of...
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