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“My farms got handed like a cake,” an expropriated farmer in Venezuela

By Mariangel Moro Colmenarez. Expropriations of land and other arable lands that began under Hugo Chavez are continuing under...

Harvests are at risk, because of severe fuel rationing in Lara state

"Sowing has become a challenge," said Jorge Molina, a producer from Crespo municipality, in Lara state. Because of...

Zulia farmers lost their crop due to the lack of gasoline

The lack of gasoline keeps farm producers in the southern area of Lake Maracaibo in high alert. They say that due to...

Power outages cause meat and milk production down 60% in Perija

By Johandry Andrea Montiel. Farmers Union from Villa del Rosario and Machiques's Farmers Asociation reported big losses in 2019...
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