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Ten families with ten minors are living in an abandoned building

By Irene Revilla.Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho in Caracas. Ten families with 18 children, including a five-month-old baby, have...

Raul del Gallego Salas, an alleged drug-trafficker linked to the government

Raul Roberto del Gallego Salas become a popular name in Venezuela in the last weeks. He was arrested April 15, in downtown...
Raids in Venezuela.

Four days of raids against alleged drug traffickers in Venezuela

More than 20 raids happened from 15th until April 19 afternoon in the neighboring states Falcon and Carabobo looking for a well-known...

Boat disappears with four fishermen on board

A boat with four fishermen on board reported missing since last Saturday, April 11, by the families of the sea-workers, who declared...
Falcon Governor

Those protesting against quarantine centers will be arrested in Falcon state

The governor of Falcon state, Victor Clark, said April 13th, that people who protest against the quarantine centers installed in Mauroa and...
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