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Antonio Petricca, a survivor of World War II, is the new ally of El...

By Nadeska Noriega. Resilience seems to be in his gens of Antonio Petricca, an Italian immigrant who arrived in...

We start a campaign to create a community of allies for El Pitazo

After five years of foundation, in El Pitazo, we start a campaign to build our community of allies that want to join...

Vertical Fraud | The Maduro’s gyms did not bring peace, only business

By Johanna Osorio and Nadeska Noriega/ Team from El Pitazo, in alliance with CONNECTAS and the International Center for Journalists.
El Pitazo Coronavirus

What we are doing to inform about the coronavirus in Venezuela

Taking the protection measures, our journalist's team is present in all states of the country, producing verified and useful content that we...

El Pitazo launches its English version

El Pitazo’s team wanted to reach their news to the English-speaking readers all over the world to achieves a greater scope about...
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