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Etiqueta: Corruption

Venezuela’s health-care sector hit by $5 billion lost to corruption

Luciana Torchiaro, regional advisor for Latin America at Transparency International, assures that Venezuela has lost 5 billion dollars due to corruption during...

Venezuela mired in a complex humanitarian crisis due to the great corruption: NGO says

The NGO Transparencia Venezuela, part of the international Anti-Corruption Coalition, assures that the country is immersing in a complex humanitarian crisis due...

The Corruption-meter: $42 billion squandered in state oil firm PDVSA

Transparencia Venezuela, the regional journalism platform Connectas and the Venezuelan research journalism alliance Alianza Rebelde Investiga (ARI in Spanish) present the Corruption...

Vertical Fraud | The Maduro’s gyms did not bring peace, only business

By Johanna Osorio and Nadeska Noriega/ Team from El Pitazo, in alliance with CONNECTAS and the International Center for Journalists.

Investigation evidences irregularities in Comptroller’s Commission processes

“A cluster of irregularities”. That has been the investigation’s initial balance that a special commission started about the cases of presumed corruption inside Comptroller´s...
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