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“Deportations will not stop the human avalanche of Venezuelans,” the OAS representative says

By Daniela Carrasco. The Organization of American States delegate for the Venezuelan migratory crisis, David Smolansky, complained about the...

Venezuelan woman dies trying to enter Chile through an illegal border

By Edwin Urdaneta.Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho in Caracas. Yuseli Inestroza, 45 years, a Venezuelan from Zulia, died while...

In Chile, 23 Venezuelans positive for COVID-19 await a return flight home

23 Venezuelans out of 162 who are temporarily housed at the High School 7 in Santiago, Chile, awaiting for a humanitarian flight...

A Venezuelan man buries victims of the Coronavirus in Chile

By DayimarAyala Altuve. During the quarantine, all the numbers have increased: the contagious, the recovered, the deceased, the lockdown...
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