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KEYS | Why there is no electricity in Venezuela

Millions of Venezuelans are left without electricity service every day for up to 18 hours. Even though Maduro and his predecessor Hugo...

Pot banging against blackouts sounded in Zulia

By Eira Gonzalez.Additional reporting by Carlos Camacho in Caracas. On Tuesday, September 29, the inhabitants of Paraguaipoa, in the...

45,000 Venezuelans communities have no electricity in Delta Amacuro state

By Melquiades Avila. Some 320 native communities, mean, 45,000 residents in the state of Delta Amacuro, remain in...

Blackouts prevent dialysis units operation in Portuguesa state

When Noe Mendoza's turn to dialyze came there was no power for the machines. A blackout in the cities of Acarigua-Araure and...
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