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Friday, 25 June, 2021

Venezuelans cannot continue living like this: humanitarian aid expert Raffalli


The humanitarian aid expert, Susana Raffalli, assured this Thursday, December 10, that they could no be able to reverse the erosion of natural resources nor the damage to children that Venezuela is currently experiencing unless a change in leadership occurs.

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During the presentation of an outlook 2021 report on Venezuela, Raffalli stated: “We cannot continue living like this, due to the bad prognosis we see. It is going to be difficult to stop malnutrition, COVID-19, the collapse in terms of children, and loss of territory will be more accentuated.”

If a change does not come, and soon, Raffalli considers that by 2021 public services will continue to be in crisis. 90% of Venezuela does not have running water, and blackouts are new normality.

Raffalli also referred to the number two of Chavismo Diosdado Cabello and his attack on directors of international agencies and social organizations, which receive funds to attend the humanitarian emergency in the country.

Cabello, in his program, accused several organizations, among them Alimenta la Solidaridad, Provea, and Accion Solidaria, of receiving Venezuelan funds that were frozen by sanctions abroad.

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Economic Outlook in 2021

Asdrubal Oliveros, economist, consultant, and director of the Ecoanalitica, firm pointed out that the State has been left without an ordinary and formal income.

Oliveros assured that Venezuela is entering the fourth year of hyperinflation and that the country is an economic recession since 2013.

The director of Ecoanalitica agreed with Susana Raffalli regarding the two Venezuela that exists in the country: “Minorities that can access goods and services, and a great majority that cannot.”

In this meeting, held through Zoom, they discussed the possible scenarios in the political, international, social, COVID-19, economic, and public opinion areas for the year 2021, with emphasis on the first six months.

The virtual meeting got held by the Center for Political and Government Studies of Andrés Bello University.

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