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Workers reported a tank explosion at Chevron-PDVSA plant

Oil union reported a tank exploded at the joint plant Petropiar, used to refine extra-heavy oil. This is the second serious event that happened at the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Petrochemical Complex.


For the second time this year, alarms sounded at the Petropiar plant -a Chevron and Pdvsa partnership- located in the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Petrochemical Complex, where a tank with a capacity of 400,000 barrels of oil exploded.

The executive director of the Federation of Oil Workers of Venezuela (Futpv in Spanish) Eudis Girot said the event happened on Tuesday, at 4:40 pm.

An explosion alerted on-call workers in the plant. Girot added that this is the second serious event that happened in the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Petrochemical Complex.

PDVSA is falling apart because of the mismanagement of those who run it. The workers and the population surrounding the plant are at risk. Nobody seems to care,” said Girot.

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The union member also told that the tank that exploded was 800 meters from the workers’ dining room. He said that after the flames went out, they noticed that the oil inside been consumed.

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Petropiar is a joint-venture which U.S oil company Chevron, and Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA, are partners. The company produces and refines some 200,000 barrels a day of oil, a third of Venezuela’s total production.

For Girot, this is an irresponsible act by the management of Chevron Texaco, the other partner in Petropiar and PDVSA. He assured that they knew that the pipes in the area were corroding and that the bombs were about to stop.

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