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Women in exhibition, migrants in the hands of human trafficking


The great goal of today’s sex industry is to cover prostitution spaces from the internet to social media. Some of them, such as the Divas Zone website, have operated freely for almost two decades, taking advantage of the vulnerability of migrant women.

Woman, foreigner, escort and announced on the VIP showcase of web sexual offer, murdered under macabre circumstances. An almost identical pattern relates deaths of at least eight women in Mexico over the past two years, including the Venezuelan Kenni Finol, who appeared on the website zonadivas.com and presented herself as the most expensive doll in exhibition.

From the story of Kenni Finol and the website www.zonadivas.info, six media from Mexico and Venezuela have shared the information they’ve collected during a year of research on the relation of these cases in a special entitled Women in exhibition, migration in the hand of human trafficking.

Human trafficking mafias take advantage of the vulnerability of women fleeing from broken countries. Officers paving the path in exchange for the payment of a bribe. High-class men who pay for goddesses who were born in hell. Ad pages that inhabit the omnipotent legality of the internet; thugs from criminal groups accused of the murders of escorts, most of the Venezuelan women who arrived in Mexico in recent years.

This collaborative work, whose design is inspired by  www.zonadivas.info  the most luxury prostitution website in Mexico- and which most of the murdered women were announced- tries to explain how all these elements are mixed in a funnel that remains in the shadows and falls into a spiral of sexual exploitation, crime, deaths, and good earnings.

All the research is the result of the Alliance from Mexican media Fusion y Pie de Página and the Venezuelan El Pitazo, Tal Cual and Run Runes and is available in the Spanish versión on this link www.zonadivas.info

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