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Without votes or quorum, Luis Parra swears himself as the new National Assembly President


It is unknown if the quorum was verified. A breakdown of the votes obtained by the new directive of the National Assembly was not available either. The new board will be composed of Luis Parra as president, Franklin Duarte as first vice-president, and Jose Gregorio Noriega as the second vice-president.

Duarte and Noriega have been linked to cases of corruption and accused of favoring businessmen tied to chavism.

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Parra gave a speech with a bullhorn, and it was broadcast live on the pro-Maduro television channel Venezolana de Television (VTV). He said that “in spite of differences we are obliged to end confrontation” and also asked Russia and Cuba not interfere in the domestic affairs of the country.

The pronunciation was carried out without the physical presence of the current president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaido, and outside of the rules established by the internal regulations for debates of the National Assembly which establish a minimal quorum of 84 deputies.

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Earlier, the opposition had accused the National Guard of preventing the access of Juan Guaido to the building as well as the normal development of the first ordinary session of the parliament this year.

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