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What we are doing to inform about the coronavirus in Venezuela

In this crucial moment in our lives, be informed is fundamental to make the right decisions about our health and to take care of our family. Today, the role of the media is more evident than ever. Because of that, El Pitazo redoubled its efforts to provide you the necessary information to all Venezuelan people, wherever the place this pandemic surprise them.


Taking the protection measures, our journalist’s team is present in all states of the country, producing verified and useful content that we distribute by SMS, radio, flyers, WhatsApp, Telegram, newsletters, besides the website and social media. 

If you don’ know it yet, we want to tell you what we’re doing to guarantee that people, especially those with a poor internet connection, can be informed with useful and relevant content. That is our commitment. 

What are we doing?

  • We keep the national coverage: Our reporters in every state of Venezuela are in remote contact whit citizens, authorities, and specialists to offers truthful and relevant information, taking into consideration the local context. Do you want to be aware of what happens in each state? Follow our national coverage here (In Spanish).
  • A special section on our website: We are updating all information on the coronavirus here.
  • A special newsletter: This bulletin collects information on the coronavirus in Venezuela and the rest of the world. Do you want to receive it? Subscribe here. 

Reinforce the work in the communities

  • We carry information: Our team from El Pitazo en la Calle distributes flyers in the communities with the support of local NGOs to guarantee that people without access to the internet get relevant information. Each flyer explains the recommendations from the WHO about the coronavirus. 
  • We produce flipcharts: We encourage our info-citizens groups to summarize the news from El Pitazo in flipcharts that they can place in condoms, supermarkets, stores, bust stops, and other places. If you want a brief introduction, you can watch this video and write to us at [email protected].

We renew our communication channels in all media

  • Our app is updated: It has been improving to make available to our readers the news from elpitazo.net free, and without blocking. You can download it in IOS and Android. 
  • Social Media: In our social media accounts, we share graphics, pictures, videos, and news with the truthful information to face the pandemic. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
  • Telegram and Whatsaap: We have a Telegram channel with 3.400 people, and 34 Whatsapp groups whit 5.300 subscriptions. There, we share our updatings of the coronavirus maps, the NewsAudio, and the newsletter. You can join us here.
  • SMS news: To whose with the lowest internet connection, we send news by text messages. 
  • Radio: In our program, we broadcast our daily reports. You can listen to TuneIn and other 20 stations over the country. We also have online radio. Check our list.
  • Humano Derecho.com, at noon. 
  • Somos Diáspora.com, at 12:00 pm. 
  • Retro Radio.com.ve, at 10:00, am. 
  • Criolla.com.ve, At noon.
  • El Pitazo.net, at 9:00, am.

Journalists and media in Venezuela are used to covering emergencies but never in the middle of a pandemic. In El Pitazo, we are proud of the work we are doing in these times. 

That’s why we want to ask you to help us to sustain our labor. Supports us, share our work. And if you have resources, you can donate here. Your support will allow us to keep sounding. 

Thousands of Venezuelans in the most disconnected areas of our country visit El Pitazo daily to get indispensable information in their daily lives. For many of them we are the only source of verified news free of political bias.

Sustaining the operation of this independent media is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult. That is why we created a membership program: We do not charge for reporting, but we bet that readers see the value of our work and help us with an economic contribution that is increasingly necessary.

Become part of the Superaliados community or make a one-time contribution.

Ensure the existence of El Pitazo with a monetary contribution that fits your possibilities.


It is completely safe and only takes 1 minute.


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