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What has Maduro done to stop COVID 19?

Eight days after admitting to having COVID 19 cases, spokespersons for the Nicolas Maduro regime have addressed Venezuelans 57 times, to give a new tally of cases and inform on the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus.


Eight days after the first cases of Covid-19 confirmed in the country, measures announced by spokespersons from Maduro regime: the mandatory quarantine, and the use of masks to go out either shopping or use public transportation, the closing of schools and businesses excepting supermarkets, pharmacies, and health care centers.

The guidelines are in the state of emergency decree announced by Maduro on March 13th and published in an official document, four days later. During that period, governors and mayors ordered and decreed similar regulations in their localities.

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Nicolas Maduro, the governor not recognized by 61 countries, has been the main spokesperson, following by Delcy Rodriguez, vice president of the Republic; Jorge Rodriguez, Delcy’s brother and minister of information and communication, and Vladimir Padrino Lopez, minister of defense.

In ten days, they have spoken 57 times through television, radio, press conferences, and their official Twitter accounts about prevention, measures to face the coronavirus.

Read the timeline for the evolution of the measures.
  • March 12th: Began the measures. Suspension of flights from Europe and Colombia. Public concentrations have forbidden.
  • March 13th: The first two cases confirmed.
  • March 14th: Suspension of flights from Panama and the Dominican Republic. The National Army took control of 46 hospitals to treat coronavirus cases.
  • March 15: Quarantine was mandatory in seven states of the country, including Caracas, the capital city. All works activities were suspending, except for the food industry, security, health care, and transportation.
  • March 16th: Started the national quarantine. Army and police forces supervise the quarantine compliance.
  • March 17th: The emergency state decree was published in the Oficial document. The mobilizing between states has forbidden.
  • March 18th: Began the hours restricted to buy food.
  • March 19th: Selective and massive tests began to diagnose coronavirus.

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