After five years of foundation, in El Pitazo, we start a campaign to build our community of allies that want to join in our two purposes: to cover the news in all the states of Venezuela and ensure that the poorest are informed.

You can be an Ally or a Super-Ally, and this will allow you to know how we use your contribution. According to your support, you can be part of our editorial planning, to understand how we work, interact with our team, and be consulting as a source in your area. Also, you can receive a preview of our researches, digital gifts, and a cupon o discount on our events.

If you join us in our community, you can help us to hold our content on the website and sustaining the job of 55 correspondents in all Venezuelan states. With your support, we can carry our information without censorship, to teach to more info citizens who learn how to report what happens in their communities, to keep one of the most interactive radio programs in our country, and to continue to research for unveil what power wants to hide.

In El Pitazo, we believe that we cannot change what we don’t know. Our mission is to be alert to make visible the injustices, the corruption, the crimes, although that news hurts, causing displeasure and frustration. That is why we also want to tell that other news that brings us pride and nostalgia for the country that we had. We are determined to tell and sing the little victories.

We invite you to those emotions into something big, supporting to allows us to keep our eyes on the country. We are a non-profit civil association, a group of journalists who set up as a purpose to defend the right to be informed, one threatened by the government.

You can help us preserve our independence editorial, the most appreciate value for the audience, according to a poll that we made in 2020 in which 830 users participated.

The journalism freedom, the possibility to serve people, and no governments nor companies, is also the inspiration of all our team. That is a goal that, with your support, we can reach.

Join this membership does not mean to pay a subscription. Neither a restriction to access to our content. All the contrary. We want to guarantee the information to all our users, without censorship and digital blocking. That is why we’re looking for your support.

The subscription is just a money exchange for a product. The membership is a contribution to help a cause that benefits the community. That is our goal, and the money would be destined to the citizens, no companies or organizations.

How to be an ally of El Pitazo?

All you have to do is access our website to join our community. You will see two kinds of membership: Ally and Super-Ally. Read the benefits that we are offering and choose the one that fits you. Pick the contribution and the frequency of your support to help to finances our operations.

Add your credit card details and billing information. Besides, we ask you for information about the place where you reside and in which subjects you could contribute as an information source for journalistics works. There, you can also subscribe to our morning newsletter. Once the payment is processed, you will start to be part of our community and receive all the benefits.

Transform your emotions into support. Become an ally of El Pitazo. With a little contribution, you will make possible something big.