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We are not to give the Parliament to Maduro: Guaido says

During a press conference, National Assembly President Guaido said Nicolas Maduro is politically, diplomatically, and economically defeated. He also spoke about the consultation to be held by his interim government.


Juan Guaido, interim president of Venezuela, indicated, during a press conference this Wednesday, September 9, said that their government and the Parliament are instruments of struggle and will not hand them over to the Nicolas Maduro regime.

In an opposition-promoted consultation Guaido is organizing, voters will be asking if they want Maduro to leave, Guaido said.

Also, he assured that Maduro is lying when he tells the citizens to resist, living in the current conditions to support the regime. He also said those who are thinking “living with Maduro” are condemning Venezuela because the problem of the country is him.

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“Maduro is lying by telling them to resist. There is no possibility of lifting sanctions while Maduro is there. Politically, diplomatically and economically, he is defeated. The government in charge and the Parliament today are instruments of struggle, and we are not going to give them to Maduro,” Guaido said.

Guaido said the current period of the National Assembly would be extending until free, fair, and verifiable presidential and parliamentary elections get achieved. The opposition hopes to get five minimum electoral conditions that will allow those elections, including the designation of the NEC by the Parliament, the right to elect and be elected, the electoral calendar, the return of political parties, and international observation.

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The consultation that the National Assembly is proposing, which he said would be face-to-face, but respecting the prevention measures against COVID-19.

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