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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

Venezuelans soldiers and natives rebelled in the Gran Sabana


By Glorimar Fernández.

Soldiers from the 513 Mariano Montilla battalion, supported by 30 natives Army reservists, rebelled this Sunday morning, December 22 and are on their way to the border of Venezuela with Brazil.

Officers took as a hostage the commander of this Fort, which is located un Luepa, Gran Sabana municipality, the same place where natives pemones denounced earlier this month that Russians installed high thec radars to extract minerals.

El Pitazo had access to a recording in which an unidentified man confirms the uprising to his superior. He also details that the rebel group raised took 122 weapons from the fort. Simultaneously, they tried to enter the fort Roraima of Santa Elena de Uairén, but were forced to retreat, after activating “the Reaction Plan”.

Armed civilians identified as Tupamaros stormed the fort of Luepa. They held an armed confrontation with the rebel military. The Pitazo is about to confirm the murder of a soldier.

Read the complete text in Spanish here.

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