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Venezuelans natives denounce guerrillas’ presence in the gold mines of Amazonas


By Mickey Veliz.

Venezuelans natives denounced the presence of Colombian guerrillas in municipalities where illegal gold mining is practicing. Also, they urged the Venezuelan Army to use its firepower to expel these subversive groups that are destroying the natural reserves in the area.

A source consulted by El Pitazo said that the subversives dominate and control the illegal gold mines.

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“The rebels invaded us, they are the ones who rule the mines, they use the indigenous people to extract the gold, and they take them to Colombia where the real business is,” said a person who did not want to identify himself for fear of reprisals. He assured that there are more than 100 camps distributed in the mining areas.
He insisted that “the military forces must act against the guerrilla camps and not only attack those who work in the mines who are humble people.”

The source also stated that members of the National Army are in cahoots with the guerrillas for the illegal extraction of gold.

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The Uwottüja leader of the Autana municipality, Hilario Linares, maintained that the military protects the actions of the guerrillas. “These officials depend on a payroll paid by the guerrillas; they are accomplices, they only care about getting rich,” according to Linares. He stressed that these groups are recruiting indigenous people to work in the mines.

For his part, the president of the Amazonian Parliament of Venezuela, lawmaker Romel Guzamana, reiterated that the high officials of the government, including the military, are the ones who are involved in this mafia. “All the Venezuelan people already know it. There is no need for proof. It is evident the cheekiness,” he said.

Guzamana affirmed: “The big business they are handling is taking gold, diamonds, and coltan to Colombian territory in vehicles of the National Guard, Sebin and the Cicpc. Everything has been confirmed, but no one is acting despite the complaints made by the indigenous people on several occasions.”

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