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Wednesday, 24 April, 2024

Venezuelans cross the border with Brazil on foot to buy food

People are also mobilizing to buy medicine. Brazilian Federal police allow the entrance only to those wearing masks. Whoever does not have one is sent back to Venezuela.


Residents of Santa Elena de Uairen, a town in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar State, are risking crossing the border into Brazil on foot to buy food and medicine amidst the national quarantine decreed nine days ago by the regime of Nicolas Maduro to face the coronavirus.

Brazil and Venezuela opted to close their borders, which harming Venezuelans, especially those living in the state of Bolivar because they used to stock up on food and other stuff in the neighboring country.

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However, Brazilian authorities were allowing the flow of Venezuelans to Pacaraima. There, they are check for the use of masks, gloves and health state. Those who do not comply are returned.

From there, people must mobilize to the shops on foot or in Brazilian taxis. Grocery stores and pharmacies are the most-wanted locals.

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