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Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas sets a new world record for a triple jump

The Venezuelan athlete beats the record imposed by Russian’s Lebedeva established in 2004.


Venezuelan athlete Yulimar Rojas, Olympic silver medalist and twice World Champion in the triple jump, setting a new world record in the triple jump discipline in Madrid, after jumping 15.43 meters.

Whit this jump, Rojas beats the record imposed by Tatyana Lebedeva from Russia in 2004 of 15.36 meters.

Rojas’s first attempt was null, the second attempt topped 14.65 meters and the third measured 15.29 meters. Finally, in her last attempt, she set a new world record with the 15.43 meters jump.

Cuban Liadagmis Povea arrived second with 14.52 meters. Rojas and Povea are both trained by Ivan Pedroso. Portugal’s Patricia Mamona arrived third with 14.28 meters.

The second-best triple jump in history, at 15.41 meters, also belongs to Rojas. The Venezuelan is the eight jumper in history to beat the 15-meter mark.

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