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Venezuelan border has become an international crime zone: Brazilian congressman Goncalves

On August 6, 2020, a woman was detained while exiting Santa Elena de Uairen and going towards Pacaraima in Brazil with 11 kilos of gold and $4,200.


By Glorimar Fernandez.

Brazilian lawmakers have denounced and are discussing a wide array of new crimes taking place in the border with Venezuela, including gold, drugs and arms trafficking, with a top lawmaker saying “our border with Venezuela is becoming an area of international crime.”

During a meeting of the external commission to confront COVID-19 of the Chamber of Deputies of the Brazilian Congress, the parliamentarian for the state of Roraima (bordering with Venezuela), Hiran Goncalves, showed concern about the incidence of criminal acts on the border with Venezuela.

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This assembly, held last August 12, was attended by the Minister Counselor of the Embassy representing Juan Guaido in Brazil, Tomas Silva. Even though the central theme was the fight against the pandemic, the problem of smuggling and other crimes in that border area also included.

Congressman Goncalves referred to the woman who was arrested on August 6, as she left Santa Elena de Uairén, in the southern border area of Bolivar state, and entered the Brazilian town of Pacaraima with 11 kilos of gold and US$4,200 in cash.

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The apprehended woman told authorities she crossed the border on foot on a trail. Both the gold and the money were in a double fund she made in her purse.

Goncalves sent a message to the interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó, wishing to convey that Brazil understands the suffering being imposed on Venezuela by the Maduro regime and that, despite the crime wave, well-meaning Venezuelan refugees were still going accepted in Brazil.

“I am an eyewitness to the human suffering imposed by that tyrannical government of Maduro in Venezuela, and we are here to express our solidarity with the Venezuelan people who suffer but who are welcomed by our country through Operation Acolhida coordinated by the Brazilian government.”

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