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Venezuela is in the UN’s Top 10 list for risk food security and pandemic risk

Maduro regime contacted the organization secretly on March 17th asking for help.


In a ten-country list, headed by Somalia and Sudan, Venezuela is the number ten with a high risk of food security and pandemic risk, according to the United Nations Global Humanitarian Response Plan for COVID 19, published last week.

The Nicolas Maduro regime contacted the United Nations secretly on March 17th requesting help, the report also states. The information was confirmed March 25th by the regime, hours after the report made public.

“On 17 March, the Government formally requested support from the UN for the COVID-19 response and to manage its socio-economic consequences,” UN reported.

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The regime’s health-care system is severely impacted, lacking even water and electricity, UN noted, has been for some years now, as poor government action has triggered a humanitarian crisis and a large exodus which the organization now puts at some 4.9 million migrants.

“The overall public health-care system has limited capacity. This is due to a combination of factors, including shortages of medicines and supplies, the lack of regular water and electricity and the migration of health-care workers. No regular access to water, sanitation, and related services in many communities, will represent a challenge for prevention and control,” the report states.

Economy and pandemic
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In the economic subject, Venezuela will suffer even more due to the outbreak. COVID 19 will harm the economy, which has already experienced five consecutive years of contraction.

“The national social quarantine, including the closure of fuel stations in some areas, increased the price of basic products. Distribution of food and others are under strain and depend on the Government’s ability to import basic goods with several economic limitations,” according to the UN.

Venezuela is the only Latin American, and Western Hemisphere country in a list dominated by African nations, with Syria and Bangladesh as the standouts, that shows a deadly risk.

As a result of its delicate status, the UN says Venezuela was labeled a priority country in any COVID response effort.

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