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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

Venezuela is a no-fly zone until August 12

Only flights authorized by the regime have been able to land and, or take off since March 14. Sources at the Inac civilian aviation authority say, off the record, that normal operations will only resume in October.


By Nadeska Noriega.

The National Institute of Civil Aviation (Inac in Spanish), the Venezuela top aeronautical authority, announced on its social networks the decision to extend the suspension of civilian, private and commercial air operations for international and domestic flights until August 12, as part of the prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Off the record, Inac sources estimate that the airspace will only be opened by mid-September at the earliest, perhaps, by early October of this year.

The national provision got posted in a Notam notice identified with number C0667/20, which explains “the extension of the restriction of air operations in the national territory for 30 days, from July 12 to August 12”.

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The notification states that cargo and mail flights, humanitarian or United Nations-coordinated flights, technical landings, and flights that declared as an emergency and require an unscheduled landing at one of the country airports are exempt from the measure.

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The document maintains the obligation of passengers to comply with quarantine, once they return to the country, in the so-called Sentinel Centers (specially designated hospitals).

As in previous notifications, all flights not covered by Notam must have special permits issued by the national aviation authority.
Sources related to the Inac indicated that the position of the government of Nicolas Maduro is conservative, given the decision to open-air operations.

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