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Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Venezuela in quarantine: Maduro confirms 33 cases of coronavirus.

The quarantine has been extending to the entire country. On Sunday were 17 cases, and on Monday, 16 more were confirmed. Coronavirus is present in seven states of Venezuela. The new figures mean that confirmed cases almost double in less than 24 hours.


The governor Nicolas Maduro reported 16 new cases of coronavirus, for a total of 33 patients with the disease in the country. Also, he extended the mandatory quarantine for the entire country and not only in the states with the presence of COVID-19.

“Drastic measure needed (…) We have never faced a situation like this before,” Maduro said in a transmission from the Miraflores Palace, labeling the outbreak a catastrophe. Last Friday, Maduro denied any Coronavirus cases in Venezuela and promised to beat the disease with Interferon, a Cuban drug.

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He said that 28 of the sick people came from Europe, and five from Cucuta, across the border in Colombia. The number of cases increased since Friday when the first two patients were reported. On Saturday, the number increased to 10 and on Sunday to 17, a growth rate faster than France.

Cases have been reported in seven states of Venezuela, among them Miranda (13), Caracas (8), Vargas (5), Aragua (2), Anzoategui (2), Mérida (1), Cojedes (1) and Apure (1).

Maduro also said that he made contact with the government of Colombia, with the mediation of the Pan-American Health Organization, to attend to the emergency at the border. President Ivan Duque closed the common border on Saturday.

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