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Friday, 30 July, 2021

Venezuela has the largest number of political prisoners in the Americas

NGO Foro Penal reported that there are 367 political prisoners in the country, including 343 men and 24 women, also there are 26 missing persons, including 5 women.


The NGO Foro Penal reported that during May, there are 367 political prisoners in Venezuela, according to the organization’s figures.

“Venezuela has the largest number of political prisoners in the Americas. Even more than Cuba,” said Alfredo Romero, executive director of the NGO.

There are 343 men and 24 women in jail for political reasons. Also, the number of “disappeared” people increased in Venezuela, totaling 26, including 5 women, so far this year.

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Romero said five political prisoners, and 18 common offenders were released this week by the Nicolas Maduro regime. These five political prisoners are Otoniel Ramos; Roque Gonzalez; Ramon Zapata; Jorge Luis Perez and Ana Belen Tovar.

Romero also said that among the disappeared, or “persons in a state of forced disappearance” are retired military man Oscar Perez Romero, and two of his neighbors, as well as Andreina Aleman, sister of first lieutenant Richard Aleman.

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Foro Penal registered 121 politically motivated detentions since January, 99 were detained since March, when the quarantine began.

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