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Thursday, 17 June, 2021

Venezuela has 17 cases of coronavirus: Maduro

Maduro confirmed seven additional cases. The first cases were announced by Venezuela VP Delcy Rodriguez two days before. A woman, 41, who traveled to U.S. Italy, and Spain and a 51 years old man who also was in Spain. The Government will apply since this Monday a quarantine in seven states of the country.


This Sunday, March 15th Nicolas Maduro reported seven new cases of Coronavirus, which mean 17 cases confirmed in Venezuela. For this situation, the government ordered a mandatory quarantine in seven states of the country since Monday, 16th, at 5:00 am.

The first cases were confirmed by Venezuelan VP Delcy Rodriguez Friday, March 13th: a woman, 41, who traveled to U.S. Italy, and Spain and a 51 years old man who also was in Spain. Both were isolating, Rodriguez said.

The seven states that enter social and mandatory quarantine are Caracas, Vargas, Miranda, Zulia, Cojedes, and Tachira. Maduro assures that all Venezuelan states will in quarantine progressively.

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“The only way to stop the virus is taking drastic measures, just like China did, there is no other option. We must do the quarantine, or the pandemic would bring down us tragically,” Maduro said after the announcing.

The mandatary also stressed that quarantine means to stay at home. People only can go out to buy medicines or groceries. All the school and work activities are suspending, except social services job and pressing needs like food, med-care, security, and transportation. Those who go out must use face masks.

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Asked Colombia support

Again, Maduro asked the Colombian government to coordinate with Venezuela the measures to contain the virus. He made a call to the WHO, the United Nations, and the Panamerican Health Organization to intervene. He insists that the neighbor country does not want to collaborate to take action to protect both Venezuelans and Colombians.

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