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US Treasury sanctions lawmakers who tried to oust Guaido

Washington says four men are already being investigated at the behest of the interim government.


Seven lawmakers who tried to unseat National Assembly President Juan Guaido Sunday, January 5th, have been sanctioned by the US Treasury, the agency reported.

The seven were acting “on behalf of former Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro,” Treasury said of the sanctioned men adding that they had also “led a failed attempt to illegitimately seize control of the National Assembly and block interim President Juan Guaido and other deputies from participating in a constitutional election of National Assembly leadership”.

In an unexpected revelation, US Treasury said that four of the sanctioned lawmakers Luis Parra, Adolfo Superlano, Conrado Perez, and Jose Brito are already under investigation for corruption by the direction of interim President Juan Guaido. Parra and other lawmakers were implicated in the CLAP corruption scheme involving subsidized foodstuffs.

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Parra was designated as “group leader” and all seven are considered to be Maduro-aligned. One week after the events, the agency added that Parra “continues to obstruct the proceedings of the National Assembly”.

Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin said sanctions against the seven could be reversed “if they side with the people of Venezuela and Juan Guaido as their legitimate leader”. He also said that seven men attempted to block the democratic process in Venezuela.

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