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US authorities prevent the entry of the official deputy Javier Bertucci

The National Assembly lawmaker elected on the controversial process of December 6, Javier Bertucci, was prevented from entry into the United States by the local authorities. He said that he was invited by humanitarian organizations that want to help Venezuelans and that the decision was political.


The National Assembly lawmaker elected on December 6, Javier Bertucci, was prevented from entry into the United States by the local authorities.

The information first was reported on Twitter by the Venezuelan journalist Vladimir Villegas this Thursday, February 25. According to the journalist, the measure was taken because the North American country does not recognize Bertucci as a lawmaker.

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Javier Bertucci is well known in Venezuela as an evangelical pastor and leader of the Cristian Church El Evangelio Cambia and later, as a presidential candidate in the controversial elections of 2018, in that the political opposition in Venezuela refused to participate because of the lack of free and legal conditions.

In his Youtube Channel, the pastor and lawmaker Bertucci explained what occurred about his detention and expel from the United States.

He said he departed from the Venezuelan city Valencia to the Dominican Republic in a commercial flight and then to Miami last Tuesday, February 23.

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“I arrived with my family at the checkpoint in Immigration, and immediately I was conducted to a room apart in the airport. My family was detained for seven hours. I was there till the 7:00 am of the next day.”

Bertucci said that he was detained by two officers who waited for him. He also said that one of them pointed to him as a collaborator and official of the Nicolás Maduro government.

The politician said he was invited by several Non-governmental organizations that want to help with a powerful humanitarian aid to Venezuela, a plan already discussed with the government of Maduro.

“The government did not give me this charge, were the electors, I earned this seat. I did not proclaim myself as a lawmaker in a square,” he said in the video. “I was there not as a lawmaker or a diplomatic. I went as a citizen.”

However, the controversial elections where Bertucci was elected were rejected by the 16 countries of the Lima Group, considered illegal and illegitimate. Also, the European Union and the US declared that they do not recognize those elections.

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