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Two human trafficking networks were dismantled in Caracas

The activity that was previously identifying to border/coastal areas now has been detected right in the Venezuelan capital, with law enforcement arresting four members of two different human smuggling rings. The detainees were luring their would-be victims with job offers in Europe and other Latin American countries using a beauty spa as part of their elaborate façade.


By Daisy Galaviz.

Venezuelan police reported the arresting of four people linked with human trafficking groups in Caracas, Venezuela capital. According to the polices sources, one of the first reported instances of such a crime being carried out not in the border or coastal areas but the national capital.

Last Monday, August 17, officers from the Investigation Department of the National Police reported the arrest of two young men who were part of a group that offering jobs to women in European and Latin American countries. Also, police arrested a man and a woman who were fishing for victims through a beauty spa.

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The police made the arrests in the municipality of Chacao, Miranda state. Yonaiker Gonzalez Duran and Jhony Rafael Gonzalez were arrested in a house after they were recruiting young women through a website called Skokka, offering them jobs abroad.

Skokka has described like specializing site in adult classified ads. A Google search revealed that Skokka also offers sex videos.

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After the ladies agreed, police claimed that the young women were sent abroad, and when they arrived, they were stripped of their passports and personal documents so that they would force into prostitution under threats.

The detainees were charged with the crime of human trafficking, which is covered by the Organic Law against Organized Crime.

Before that arrest, authorities had already detained Ricardo Abreu Flores, and Amarelys Moncada López after a 15-year-old girl reported that she had been abused at a location after she was hired through a web site showed a beauty spa.

Allegedly, the young woman was looking for work as a masseuse, but the site was dedicated to sexually exploiting young people and teenagers. Flores and Moncada were also accused of the crime of human trafficking and sexual abuse.

Previous instances of organized, high-profile human smuggling/ sexual slavery have been reported on border areas with Brazil, Colombia, and coastal regions near Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, Curazao, and other nearby Caribbean destinations.

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