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Truck driver arrested for alleged complicity in Zulia jail-break

More than 80 fugitives escaped San Carlos’ jail days ago. So far, twelve have been killed in recapture efforts and only six recaptured.


Members of the National Guard reported the arrest of a man who, allegedly, cooperated by driving a truck to help some of the escapees from the San Carlos detention center, located in the municipality of Colon in the state of Zulia.

The truck driver was identified as Danny Romel Mendez Salcedo and was arrested Friday, March 20th. The research report that Mendez helped the men escape in a white Chevrolet truck five days ago.

To date, six of the fugitives have been recapture and 12 were killed in clashes with police officers. The rest is presumed, have crossed the border into Colombia. There are 66 fugitives, according to the civil and police authorities of Sur del Lago.

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Danny Salcedo was stopping at the Curva de Colon checkpoint, outside San Carlos del Zulia. Inside the truck, officers found clothes allegedly belonging to the escapees. Police also seized a Motorola portable radio; on his cell phone, they found conversations about the mass escape.

For the military, Danny is a necessary accomplice to the escape. Along with the driver, there are two officers from the Bolivarian Police Force of Zulia State being investigating for their alleged complicity in the escape of 84 prisoners.

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