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Tips | Why is Thorium so important for the Russians?

Recently, a Russian military misión was spotted in the mineral-rich Guayana región of Venezuela. It is presumed that they were after the largest deposits of coveted Thorium mineral in the land, which are also in the area.


Caracas.- Thorium in English or Torio in Spanish, named after the Scandinavian god of war the mineral is used often in alloys with magnesium that sport increased strength, resistance to high temperatures, but it also has vast peace-time applications, including in the making of high-end Television sets.

More abundant than Uranium, particularly in Venezuela and also highly coveted it seems by the Russian military.

Here are some tips about Thorium and why the allies of the Nicolas Maduro regime value it so.

  • Why is it important? Besides being used in military applications, Thorium deposits may have more energy stored in them than all of the Uranium in the planet, or all of the fossil fuels’ known to man. One kilogram of Thorium can hold energy equivalent to 3,000 tons of oil.

  • Where can you find it? Worldwide, there are an estimated 12 million tons of Thorium, with two-thirds of that located in India, in heavy-mineral sand deposits in the East and Southern coasts of that subcontinent. However, there are important deposits also in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, the United States, Greenland, Norway, Russia, South Africa, and Venezuela.

  • Fifth largest reserves. When it comes to Thorium, Venezuela has the fifth-largest reserves in the world, some 300,000 tons mostly located in Amazonas state, at a small mountain called “Cerro Impacto”, and some of it also near “El Baul” (The Trunk), a small town in Central Venezuela’s Cojedes state.

  • Interested? China is reportedly very interested in extracting Thorium in Venezuela, for a state-of-the-art energy plant that run son it and which is expected to open this year. Russia has also shown interest recently and there is a delegation reportedly already in the Amazonas area.
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