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Three rebel soldiers claimed attack in the Gran Sabana


Three rebel soldiers have claimed responsibility for the attack to an Army base located at the Gran Sabana, in the south of Venezuela, on December 22, that ended with a soldier dead, 120 riffles, and nine grenades stole according to the official information.

In a video spread this Sunday militaries José Hidalgo, Franklin Caldera, and Russo Cárdenas declared been the leaders from the rebel group that stole the weapons that they will use to protect Venezuelan people.

“We must use the force to defend our Constitution (…) Armed Forces, is time to leave fear by aside and stop continues at the service to the regime. We must rescue the honor of our institution, and leave them to take the weapons and come to face us” said de soldier José Hidalgo.

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A dozen arrested

Maduro’s government arrested 12 people accusing them of the attack, including the parliamentary Gilber Caro. He also pointed out of complicity to Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador but authorities from those countries rejected these allegations.

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This Sunday, Hidalgo denied received foreigner or civil help. He also rejected that the group has been dissolved despite the arrest of dozen rebels and the death of a soldier loyal to Maduro.

Unknown location

It is no clear if the video was recorded in Venezuelan territory or if these soldiers are part of the five deserters that started a process as diplomatic refugees in Brazil after been arrested in Roraima the last Thursday.

Maduro rejected that Brazil grants refugee’s status to these five persons that he describes as terrorists.

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