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Three killed in El Callao gold mine disaster: rescuers


Law enforcement in Bolivar state retrieved and identified three corpses from inside the Isadora gold mine Tuesday, which is located in the El Peru section of El Callao town after the gallery there caved on Monday night

The deceased are Julio Cesar Alvarez Carrizales, 21, Diego Jose Alvarez Carrizales, 23, and Luis Alberto Maraguacare Aponte, 21. The El Callao civil defense agency and firemen worked jointly with the fire department of CVG Minerven, the state-owned gold mining concern that operates the Isadora mine. Minerven was sanctioned by the U.S as is dealing in Venezuelan gold, considered now a conflict commodity, and “blood” gold.

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Initial reports had up to 20 miners trapped inside Isadora, but it is unknown as of this writing if anybody else remains inside the mine. The men had broken into the mine, which Minerven had shut off, and were extracting gold illegally when the tragedy took place.

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