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Three children died in a migrant shipwreck between Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago

Police confirmed that eleven bodies were rescued by the sea patrol. The bodies remained with no identification. The numbers of persons who were in the boat are unknown. The ship set sail last December 6 from Güiria, eastern Venezuela, and tried to reach the island.


The police confirmed that eleven bodies were found on high seas after the shipwreck of a boat that left the coast of Guiria, in Sucre state, heading to the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Among the bodies were three children, who were floating on the sea on December 12, in a state of decomposition. The sea patrol from the Venezuelan Army made the find, seven nautical miles away from the Venezuelan coast, according to an official report.

In the afternoon of December 12, the Coast Guard rescued the bodies of four women, four men, two boys, and a girl.

The victims were moved to the dock of the National Guard in Güiria. But, so far, the total number of persons who were in the missing boat and the identity of the victims is unknown. In social networks, a list of the victims got published but has no been confirmed by the authorities.

The website from Trinidad and Tobago, Sunday Express, published this Sunday, December 13, that Coast Guard is looking for nine bodies of the persons who were on the ship.

It is not the first time

The passage of Venezuelan migrants from the coast of Guiria to Trinidad and Tobago is well known. Last November 25, a group of 16 boys and girls, including a 4-month-old baby, endured when they tried to enter Trinidad & Tobago illegally. The boys were arrested and sent back in boats across the rough seas, and then returned when the Trinidad and Tobago High Court overruled PM Keith Rowley.

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Dozen of migrants use small ships headed to Trinidad and Tobago, fleeing the economic, political, social, and health crisis in Venezuela, where 80% is living in extreme poverty.

This is not the first shipwreck on the coast of Güiria. Three ships have disappeared in the sea with Venezuelan migrants who were searching for a better life. The boat, called Jonaily José, missed in April 2019 with 38 persons onboard. The other one, the Ana María boat, departed on May 16, 2019, with 33 passengers.

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