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Tuesday, 27 July, 2021

Three bodies and 24 kilos of cocaine, found on Falcon shores.

The 24 cocaine panelas (rolls) got found by police inside a sack, at around the same time as the three male corpses. The findings all took place at the Buchuaco, Adicora beaches in Falcon. The area is a hub for drug trafficking, home to at least two cartels, and being watched by US and ally forces offshore.


By Irene Revilla.

State police seized 24 cocaine packages on July 18, in the shores of Falcon state. The regional police discovered a white sack where the 24 packs of approximately one kilo each were.

Only hours earlier, on the afternoon of July 17, three bodies were found in two beaches near the area.
Falcon has recently emerged as a hub for at least one major drug cartel and one human-trafficking organization reportedly taking poor Venezuelan migrants by boat to nearby Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba and Curacao.

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Also, Falcón shores are being watched from a distance by the US Southern Command as part of the Orion V drug interdiction operation, which is also enlisting forces from Colombia and Holland, among other nations.

In Venezuelan crime slang, panela (loave) is the professionally packed of 1-kilo of almost 100% pure cocaine that drug traffickers sell to distributors further down the commercial chain.

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Police were patrolling the area after the discovery of three male bodies in the Adicora and Buchuaco beaches, “in search of evidence of criminalistic interest” like they told El Pitazo when they saw the sack on the beach.

A commission from the National Guard went to the site and carried out the relevant tests on the spot and found that it was indeed cocaine.

The security forces began exhaustive research in the area and surrounding towns searching for more evidence. It is not known yet if the drug seizure is linked with the bodies that floated in the Falcon beaches since the afternoon of Friday, July 17.

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