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Threatening graffiti appeared in several states in Venezuela

Threatening graffiti appeared in the walls of opposition leaders' houses in several states in Venezuela.


In the Santa Catalina Church, and the headquarters of Accion Democratica -AD- in Bermudez, Sucre state, threatening graffiti painted on its walls, insulting the local opposition to the Nicolas Maduro regime.

The priest of this church exhorted the citizens to respect God’s spaces. Santa Catalina is part of the city’s heritage, and a year and a half ago, its facade has been restored. The portico of the church is where opposition leaders and teacher’s union leaders protest against the government of Nicolas Maduro.

El Pitazo contacted the priest, William Moreno, who regretted the fact and cataloged it as an improper act. He called for respect for the spaces of prayer.

The secretary-general of AD, Agustin Machado, described this as an act of cowardice of the government. “Like all cowards, they act in the darkness, but remember that we are not afraid of them,” he said.

Threatening messages also placed on the doors of the headquarters of Accion Democratica. Photo by Yesenia García.

The secretary of the Independent Social Alliance in Sucre, Wladimir Cabeza, also regretted both events and attributed them to a national campaign identified with the name Bolivarian Fury -Furia Bolivariana in Spanish- which the graffiti signed. In a recent speech, Maduro said the opposition would be fearing this fury.

The same fury

Those threats also appeared in other states of Venezuela. In the houses of opposition leaders in the states of Portuguesa, Cojedes, Barinas, and Guarico also painted phrases of the same author.

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María Beatriz Martínez, deputy of the National Assembly for the state of Portuguesa, denounced the threats on her Twitter account. “Today, at the entrance to my house, there is graffiti showing the intention to intimidate me,” she said.

In the houses of the opponents of Los Llanos, the Bolivarian Fury also painted the walls. Photo by Mansur Sliman.

Mansur Sliman, member of Un Nuevo Tiempo, another opposition party, denounced that in Cojedes, hooded people, aboard on a state government taxi, painted graffiti on the walls of his house.

Also in Barinas, the regional head of the Voluntad Popular organization, Jose Petralia, denounced that Sebin officers were watching his house. He added that this Sunday, March 29th, in front of his house, a graffiti appeared with the same signature: La Furia Bolivariana.

The same scenario repeats in Valle de la Pascua, in Guarico state, where the house of Mizluma Bolívar, from the Vente Venezuela party, had threatening messages. According to the party, subjects onboard in a car painted the walls and threw stones to the house.

The situation created indignation among people who expressed their anger through social networks and blamed Maduro’s supporters for the attack of his opponents.

With information from Bianile Rivas, Marieva Fermin, María Angel Moros, and Pedro Izzo.

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