Those protesting against quarantine centers will be arrested in Falcon state

Governor in Falcon state, Victor Clark, said police will arrest those who protest against the two mandatory shelters for returning migrants -also known as quarantine centers- in the towns of Mauroa and Tucacas.

Falcon Governor
The governor of Falcon state said that in the coming days' migrants will begin to arrive in the state.

The governor of Falcon state, Victor Clark, said April 13th, that people who protest against the quarantine centers installed in Mauroa and Tucacas will be detained.

He claimed that the protests show a lack of solidarity to the returning migrants and who will be in these centers for 15 days of isolation.

About 0.5% of the 5 million Venezuelans who migrated since Nicolas Maduro took over, have been forced to return from Colombia and other neighboring countries since the Coronavirus outbreak began.

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Clark said that this week, they will receive Falcon state residents who left the country and decided to return, which why is very important to maintain the health protocols.

The governor also explained that they are waiting for the results from five tests sent to the Hygiene National Institute, which is why he said they cannot let down our guard with the measures and quarantine that he described as conscious, collective, voluntary, and responsible. This measure established as a state-mandated sanitary protocol.

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