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Thirteen Pemon remain arrested in a military base in Caracas


By Glorimar Fernández.

Thirteen natives Pemon remain arrested in a military base in Caracas accused of co-operating with the soldiers that rebelled last December in the Battalion Mariano Montilla from Luepa in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela.

They were arrested two days after the rebellion, accused of helping the soldiers to flee along the roads that only they know, and guide them to the border with Brazil.

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The Pemon arrested are from town Kumarakapay, located in Bolivar state in the south from Venezuela, the same place where a massacre happened in 2009 when four natives died, allegedly in the hands of the National Armed Force.

While the country celebrated Christmas and wishes a Happy New Year, in the Gran Sabana there were multiple raids in different areas. They were looking for the rebel soldiers.

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When National Forces couldn´t found the soldiers, arrested the Pemon: Óscar Pérez, Leomar Delgado, Alfredo Fernández, Frank Fernández, Fiacencio Meya, Amilcar Pérez, Frederick Fernández, Lisandro González, Carlos García, Pantaleón Pérez, Willy Martínez, Ronny Sánchez and Salvador Franco.

The preliminary hearing, scheduled for January 6th at the military base Fuerte Tiuna (Caracas), was suspended.

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