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“They are going to kill me,” A video call saved a migrant woman from a human-trafficking gang

Jennys Meizas, a Venezuelan migrant woman, was rescued by Bahamas police from a human-trafficking gang.


By Carlos Camacho in Caracas with information from Infobae.

Venezuelan Jennys Meizas denounced, this Thursday, January 21, that she was kidnapped by a human trafficking network in the Bahamas during a Periscope transmission, via Twitter, before being rescued by local authorities.

“They are going to kill me, they are going to kill me,” she exclaimed in a live broadcast while she was kidnapped.

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Meizas asked for help by indicating the address where she was, in the town of Bimini, after making the trip to the Bahamas on a private flight, the woman said. She also identified her kidnapper by the name of Carlos. The ambassador of the interim government headed by Juan Guaido, Rafael Dominguez, confirmed the rescue of Meizas.

“Given the serious report of kidnapping of this Venezuelan woman, we contacted the Bahamas Police Department, as well as the competent authorities and the UNODC to provide immediate assistance in this situation,” reads a tweet from Dominguez.

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Venezuela is experiencing the largest exodus in the history of the Western Hemisphere and, as the situation worsens, not only the migration is expected to accelerate (from 5.5 million migrants nowadays to more than 8.1 million by the end of 2021, according to UN estimates published in December) but tragedies are also multiplying: only three weeks ago 34 lives were lost, including minors, in the worst Venezuelan migrant disaster ever, a Trinidad-bound shipwreck.

But Jennys was not going down without a fight in the Bahamas. “They are going to kill me, they are going to kill me. Oh my God! I am kidnapping in Bimini, Bahamas, behind the Hilton, Villa 662,” expressed the Venezuelan woman in tears.

The distraught woman accused his unidentified captor of being involved in the murders of female Venezuelan migrants. “He killed Joselyn Cano, and he also killed the doctor who operated on Joselyn Cano in his house. And now he is going to kill me,” she denounced about a recently deceased influencer.

Added ambassador Dominguez: “I have spoken with her and with the Police Department noting that she is safe and at this moment she is at the order of the Bahamas Immigration Police coordinating her departure from the island.”

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